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Book Review: JINNAH AND TILAK: Comrades in the Freedom Struggle

Book Review:Jinnah and Tilak By A.G. Noorani Oxford University Press, Karachi Pages 465, Rs. 795 Comrades in the Freedom Struggle      The book under review by the eminent scholar- cum- advocate A. G.  Noorani was published in Pakistan and it will attract much attention and debate in India. Noorani's thesis, argued with formidable skill and compelling documentary support, is that Jinnah started as a secular nationalist. The British considered him one among their most formidable opponents. Gandhi did not treat Jinnah courteously. Jinnah was opposed to Gandhi's political philosophy and importing of religion into politics. Yet, Jinnah showed remarkable tact and patience and tried hard to work with the Congress till the Hindu fundamentalists in the Congress made it impossible for him to remain there with dignity. (more…)

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